Experience the Wonders Of Egypt While Sailing the Nile River

Guiding Your Unforgettable Journey Along the Nile

Discover the wonders that line the legendary Nile River. Our cruises unveil the secrets of iconic sites along this historic waterway. From majestic temples to timeless tombs, immerse yourself in the stories of ancient civilizations as you explore the rich heritage that flows along the banks of the Nile.

Sail on the Dahabiya

Our Dahabiya so named after the Nile Crocodile God, is a newly crafted boat that has managed to maintain the traditional Egyptian theme throughout, while still providing elegant new modern facilities.

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Felucca's on the Nile

Our Felucca 'Princess Sarah' was built from the same craftsmen that built our Dahabiya and provides an alternative way of sailing the Nile.

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It's all in the Detail

The Dahabiya has 6 individual cabins which can... click to read more

The Dahabiya has 6 individual cabins which can accommodate up to 14 people, all with private bathroom ensuites, 2 of the main suites contain a double and a single bed to accommodate families with young children.

The Dahabiya has an enormous flat deck with plenty of shade from our large authentic canvas shelter. There is lots of space to spread out and enjoy yourself while lying in the sun soaking up the magical views of the Nile.

Our cabins are all fitted out in a rich combination of elegant colonial features, with traditional wood furnishings and a touch of authentic Egyptian decor.

While we depend on the wind for our sailing experience we also have access to a motor boat to assist us if the wind drops too much. The Dahabiya also has a generator which we have insulated to keep the noise to a minimum.

The boat is fully staffed, which means we will be available to attend to your every need while still ensuring your privacy is upheld.

We'd love to welcome you aboard, so get in contact with us to find out more.

Felucca's are traditional and simple Egyptian sailing... click to read more

Felucca's are traditional and simple Egyptian sailing boats which have been cruising the Nile since ancient times.   Felucca's have one mast at the stern of the boat and are powered by the wind to propel them down the Nile, creating a peaceful ambience while taking in the spectacular scenery.  The deck of the boat is covered in soft mattresses and cushions and has a canopy that offers shade from the sun. Beds and meals are provided however the toilet facilities are by way of using the natural surroundings.

We have an experienced and reliable captain and crew who have been sailing the Nile for many years and offer an exceptional wealth of knowledge about Egypt and the Nile to our guests on board.  

With flexible itineraries our guests often choose to stay a little longer or see more sights of the Nile along the way.  We regularly stop to take in the highlights of the river and also find many ideal swimming stopovers on our travels.

Our Felucca will sail during the day, passing villages and spectacular Egyptian sights and then put down the anchor each night on the riverside.  Our guests sleep comfortably under the canopy looking up at the stars. 

We'd love to welcome you aboard, so get in contact with us to find out more.