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Combining Highlights of Cairo and Luxor to Aswan. Try our Cruise and Stay Tours - just paradise!


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Find Out More About Our Sandal and Felucca Cruise Boats

Nile River Cruises

Because all travellers who visit Egypt enjoy different ways to travel on the Nile we have 2 types of sailing boats for our guests to sail aboard.

We cater for individuals and groups of friends and even for families who want to experience an adventure together.  

If you are wanting to have a little more luxury then our Sandal sailing boat is ideal for you.   It's a great way to enjoy most of the comforts of home whilst relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere of the Nile River.

For those who like to be comfortable but are happy to go without private bathroom ensuites, then a cruise on our well known and traditional Felucca, the Princess Sarah would be recommended.  Perfect for small groups of up to 10 people to enjoy a private sailing experience.

We'd love to welcome you aboard, so get in contact with us to find out more.


Sandal Sobek     Princess Sarah Felucca

About Nile Paradise

Nile Paradise Cruise and Stay Tours offer exceptional and personalised service for every part of your tour.

Operating Nile River Cruises for over 20 years giving our tour guides vast experience and knowledge which they love sharing.

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