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Combining Highlights of Cairo and Luxor to Aswan. Try our Cruise and Stay Tours - just paradise!


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About Nile Paradise

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Brian, Sarah and Mahmoud

Operating from two convenient locations based locally in Egypt and in London, England we are an independent tour operator dedicated to providing our clients with some of their most memorable holidays on our Nile Cruise Tours.

We understand travellers needs and have created itineraries to cater for these, but also understand some travellers want to see Egypt and the Nile in their own way.  We will listen and work with you to create your very own personalised itinerary within your budget.   


The Partners

Sarah Curtis & Brian Somers, are New Zealanders who have travelled extensively around the world and are currently based in England. We have been visiting Egypt since 2004, where we both fell in love with the Egyptian way of life and decided to turn a holiday of a lifetime into a business of a lifetime.   We have teamed up with our dedicated local tour partner, Mahmoud Tawfiq, who has been working on the Nile for over 20 years and has vast experience of both the river and running Nile Cruise tours. 

We have also built a partnership with an established Egyptian/French tour company Les Greements du Nil who have been running tours on the Nile since 2004


Operating License N671/v.

About Nile Paradise

Nile Paradise Cruise and Stay Tours offer exceptional and personalised service for every part of your tour.

Operating Nile River Cruises for over 20 years giving our tour guides vast experience and knowledge which they love sharing.

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